3D printing

I recently learned that the entertainment and gaming industries often demand a lot of extra hours from artists. If I didn't have someone relying on me, that would be fine, but as a single parent, this means that a job in those fields won't work for me.


That's one reason why I see my 3D modeling future in 3D printing. You can buy some of my models on Shapeways now and keep an eye out for others.

Phone Cases

My store on Shapeways has three phone cases: an iPhone steampunk case, an iPhone violin case, and a Galaxy S5 steampunk case.

Burly Sea Creature

Several years ago my son created this cool model in Pixologic's Sculptris. I added small details, like the eyes, mouth, and texturing, because it looked to me like an alien sea creature. You can also purchase this on Shapeways.

El Tiburon's Complex Shooter

This gun model comes directly from the pages of Bodacious Creed. In the novel, this is the specialized weapon of the bounty hunter known as El Tiburon. You can buy a 4 1/2 inch long version of this in my Shapeways store.


Note: Please do not play with toy guns outside. Kids are getting shot for playing with toy guns in the U.S. In the very least, paint the tip red.

Occupy Chess

Several years ago, when the Occupy movement was in full swing, I began work on the Occupy Chess set. The pieces are all modeled, but they simply need to be posed. I plan for the 3D printed set to be available, and affordable, soon.

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