Let this be your introduction to the characters you will encounter in Bodacious Creed. In the Creedverse, Santa Cruz in 1876 is filled with intriguing and dangerous personalities.


James "Bodacious" Creed

This U.S. marshal came to Santa Cruz to help with a murder investigation, and ended up changing in ways he never could have expected.


Anna Lynn Boyd

This former prostitute came into some money and bought the brothel where she used to work. Now, as a madam, she attempts to exert political influence to improve the lives of all women at the edge of the Wild West. But there is much more to Anna than most know.


Jonathan Johns

If anyone has learned all of Anna's secrets, it's her partner, Jonathan Johns. Called "Jojo" by many of the locals, and "Jonny" by Anna herself, Johns has a brilliant mind.


El Tiburon

This bounty hunter came to Santa Cruz after a big reward. Big, tough, and serious, with gadgets to spare, El Tiburon will play within the bounds of the law, when it suits him.


Miles Morgan

This entrepreneur lives in Santa Cruz and runs his booming businesses, Morgan's Mechanicals and Morgans Automatons, between Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Both companies are at the cutting edge of steam technology and artificial intelligence.


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